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At Dryland Design we have a passion for teaching our community how to effectively get the most out of their landscapes.

In the desert Southwest water is our most precious resource. For over 10 years we have been teaching and working with groups throughout Arizona and New Mexico to help manage their water usage, landscape design and proper plant selection.

From groups of 5 to 500, Dryland Design can help your business become more environmentally friendly and water conscious.


Did you know that the City of Tucson is currently offering a 50% rebate* for water harvesting systems? At Dryland Design we can help you navigate their rebate systems and help you get more money back.

Tucson Water will provide rebates for qualifying rainwater harvesting system costs of up to $2,000 per property and up to $1000 for greywater harvesting systems. There are other water conservation rebates you can apply for HERE through Tucson Water.

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