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Why Dryland Design is Different?

At Dryland Design we are experts in water harvesting landscape design and implementation.  Founded by Jeff Rhody, Dryland Design brings more than 10 years of experience transforming dry and neglected landscapes into green, water-smart outdoor living areas.  Our designs and installations are more than functional, they are artistic and built to last.  We are committed to help Tucson become a greener, cooler, and more water conscious place to live.  Your property matters.  

By collaborating with our clients to get the most out of their landscapes, Dryland Design helps re-work heavy water usage landscapes into a water friendly desert oasis.  Saving you time and money in the long run.  We can also help navigate the City of Tucson Rainwater and Grey Water Rebate programs, saving you even more money!

Dryland Design is excited to provide high-quality design and build services focusing on healthy landscapes, intelligently managed water, and happy people!  Jeff loves to find the perfect solution to your unique rainwater equation.  He is a craftsman when it comes to rockwork and integrated systems design.  The result is that the function and beauty of your design will grow over time.

Old landcapes into water-friendly designs

We pride ourselves on helping our clients re-imagine their current landscapes and create the outdoor living area they have always dreamed of. For many, the thought of landscaping their property is a daunting task, leaving most to ask “Where do I start?” That’s where we can help. At Dryland Design we will take your landscape dreams and turn them into a reality. From concept to planning, and finally execution we can take care of it all.

Do you want a landscape that is family friendly and water wise? Or do you want a peaceful environment to relax in? No matter what your goals, Dryland Design can turn your outdoor area into an outdoor living space.

What Dryland Design Does

How can I get a lush landscape with little water use?

  • Water harvesting installation and usage.
  • Greywater implementation.
  • Landscape design services.
  • Erosion control.
  • City of Tucson Rainwater Rebate programs assistance.
  • Water friendly irrigation.

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